Successfully navigating Accounts Payable

October 27, 2021

Did you know that is an unmanned email and should be used only to send invoices? Questions or comments sent to that email address will not be read. For questions or comments about an invoice or the invoicing process, contact the Financial Support Center (FSC) at

Do you want to know how to reduce delays in sending a wire payment?  Be sure to list the correct currency on the wire setup form. For example, if you know you will pay the supplier in U.S. currency, request USD on the wire setup form regardless of what country the supplier is in. 

Did you know that when paying a supplier with an SIR or Invoice the worktag country of activity should be the country from where the work was performed?

Do you want to know what supporting documents will be required when paying an international person? Go to the Payment Planning Tool. It is an interactive tool designed to provide you with answers to those questions.

Did you know that you need to check the FINIS status of an international student before submitting an SIR or Panda transaction?  A link is provided on the landing pages of Create Supplier Invoice Request, Supplier Request, and PandA which will allow you to verify if the student paperwork is on file.