Custodial Services team recognized

December 16, 2021

Congratulations to the custodial services team and their manager Daniel Johnson, who were recently nominated for a Better Together Award. These honors are sponsored by the Partnership for Patient Centered Care at Yale Health and presented annually to four individuals or teams in clinical support roles.

This month, Dan and his team were recognized for their work within the Yale Health facility over the Gertrude Knotts, Maria Lagrossi, Joahanna Ortega-Carrero, Theodosia Provite, Ama Bella San Juan, and Jessica Martinez

past year. The team was acknowledged for the extra cleaning that was needed and instituted by Facilities Services because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This team worked hard to ensure that both the patients and staff coming into the building felt comfortable with its level of cleanliness. People noticed, and the staff received a nomination letter from Peter Steere, Chief Operating Officer, Yale Health.

In the letter, Peter discusses how the award is Yale Health’s most prestigious. Also, he mentions that because of the meticulous work of the custodial team, staff and patients felt safe being in the building and commented on it. He offered his heartfelt thanks and sincere admiriation to Dan and his team for all they have accomplished and continue to do for Yale Health.

“I am grateful for the acknowledgement. This nomination means a lot to me and the entire Vincent Christe, Pat Hill, April Greene, Jane Kintey, Patrick Martin, Roy Ketchum, and Glover Davis

team. This experience has highlighted the strengths, resourcefulness, motivation, and dedication of this amazing team. They continue to move forward accomplishing the goals and expectations of our customers and the department. I would also like to thank Environmental Health and Safety, who we’ve partnered with during this usual time to great success” said Dan Johnson, Area Manager for Facilities Services, Office of Facilities.

The Better Together Award nomination was as follows:

For Dan Johnson and the custodial services team, from the Office of Facilities for embracing the extraordinary challenge of keeping our building not only clean but as free of risks of contracting COVID as one could hope.

Special thanks to the whole team:

Ama Bella-San Juan, Vincent Christe, Glover Davis, April Greene, Pat Hill, Jane Kintey, Roy Ketchum, Gertrude Knotts, Maria Lagrossi, Ashlee Leak, Jessica Martinez, Patrick Martin, Joahanna Ortega-Carrero, Theodosia Provite, Kim Riley, Garner Roderick, Felicia Selkridge, and the Project and Mobile Rounds Team.