A message from Project Architecture and Design

December 16, 2021

In reflecting on the expansive Yale career of John H. Bollier, colleagues from across the department have shared their sentiments. In this interview, Kari Nordstrom, director of project architecture and design for the Office of Facilities, describes John’s imprint on him and the greater University, among other things.

What is the first project you worked on with John? What year was it?

I met John in the late 1980s, before our time at Yale, when each of us volunteered as architects for Habitat for Humanity’s first renovation projects in New Haven.

What have you learned about Yale that you would have not already known without John’s perspective?

All project cost estimates require three options for consideration: frugal, reasonable, and aspirational. John told me to focus on the reasonable option because it will almost always be chosen.

What is the most rewarding project that you’ve worked on with John?

The Yale Science Building.

Fun fact?

About 15 years ago, I was shocked to see John pull out of the parking garage on a motorcycle, all helmeted and suited-up like Steve McQueen for the I-95 race to the Shoreline.