A message from Regional Business Operations

December 16, 2021

In reflecting on the expansive Yale career of John H. Bollier, colleagues from across the department have shared their sentiments. In this interview, John Kaufhold, senior director of regional business operations for the Office of Facilities, describes John’s imprint on him and the greater University, among other things.

What is the first project you worked on with John? What year was it?

My first project with John was back in 2010, we were evaluating and consolidating the Facilities Yale School of Medicine finance team with the central Facilities business office. At that time, I was recently hired, and I remember thinking to myself: “Wow, what a variety of personalities here. How are we ever going to be successful?”  

In the end, the variety of personalities at Yale was a blessing—all sarcasm aside. John’s never-ending and light-hearted comedy went a long way in helping to deal with our department’s challenges over the years.

What have you learned about Yale that you would have not already known without John’s perspective? 

OCIP management. John asked me to take over the administration of Yale’s owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP) within the capital program. He pushed me to expand into this area even though I didn’t have any direct experience with it. I am glad that I did, and glad that he offered me the opportunity. The work has expanded my experience base and construction knowledge—thanks John! 

How has John impacted your career at Yale?

My career at Yale has had a few low points (as many of us have had) when I needed encouragement. There was a time when a colleague was not happy with me and Facilities in general. During this time, I was so grateful of John’s guidance. He pushed me to deal with things in a way that helped bridge the gap.

John supported me during a time when his own reputation was on the line and I will always remember his generosity. Without it I would likely not be at Yale today. 

What will you miss about John the most?

I will miss John’s integrity and sense of humor. He has always had admirable integrity. Over many years and the countless construction and renovation contracts, John has always put Yale’s interests first. And always ahead of any difficult vendor demands. John also encouraged competitive bidding and contractual terms that benefited the University. I appreciate that about him.

Also, you can’t overlook John’s sarcastic sense of humor. He made many situations less tense by cracking his timely faux “all worked up rant.” I will miss those for sure.

Fun fact?

John once had hair, a lot of curly hair!