Welcome back to The General Ledger

December 17, 2021

Welcome (back) to The General Ledger – Finance’s new and improved newsletter!  

I am excited about this launch as a great step forward and because it represents the best of one of our Finance core competencies – Communicate Powerfully & Prolifically!  

The evolution you will see in this new version incorporates areas of interest we have heard from you over the last two years since the first edition of the Finance newsletter. This updated version is now created in conjunction with Internal Communications, which makes this a great example of another Finance core competency – Collaboration & Teamwork!  

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Finance Newsletter team – Kathryn Scelzo, Mike Jarosz, Anat Yogev, Lauren Giaimo, Sarah Gilbert, and Shawn Langness-Varner from Finance, and Jaimee D’Agostino and Janet Jeddry from Internal Communications! The dedication to providing timely and relevant information to our staff, as well as Taking Initiative (another competency!) to take us to the next level, is appreciated by all of us.

Although The General Ledger is about to hit its second birthday, someone reminded me that all but two of the editions were published after many of us began working fully remote or hybrid.  So much has changed in that timeframe, but one thing that has remained constant is Finance’s dedication to providing high-quality services, stewardship, and leadership to enable Yale’s mission of changing the world. I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your dedication, service, and outstanding contributions to Yale and to Finance. As we head into the holiday recess, I hope you find the time to relax, recharge, spend time with friends and family, and reflect on how far we have come – both personally and professionally – in the last two years.

As always, we welcome more feedback and input for the newsletter – as well as anyone who wants to help with content! – as we continue to make this a valuable source of information for Finance staff. 

Have a wonderful winter break and a happy new year!



Quiz Question: What are the other two core competencies not mentioned above? 

Have you sent someone a recognition card this week to show your appreciation for a colleague or a team who has demonstrated one or more of the Yale Finance competencies? 

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