Hiring Spotlight – Earl Campbell Jr.

February 28, 2022

Hiring Spotlight – Earl Campbell Jr.

Earl Campbell Jr. joined Yale in June 2021. We had a chance to talk with Earl about his current role, hobbies, and advice for job seekers as a New Haven Hiring Initiative (NHHI) program alumni.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in New Haven. I attended Hill Regional Career High School and earned a bachelor’s degree at Albertus Magnus College. Before working at Yale, I worked for 15 years doing business management and finance. In June 2021, I joined Yale under the NHHI pathway program and secured a full-time position in February 2022. Outside of work, I enjoy producing and engineering music and playing basketball.

Can you tell us about your job search?

I started my journey with New Haven Works in March 2019. After multiple interviews and no job offer, I met with a job coach. Together we created strategies to acquire a full-time position at Yale. When the pandemic started and Yale started a hiring freeze, I contacted my job coach and Yale contacts, who were essential to helping me get my current position at Yale. I received an offer to join the Yale University Press in June 2021. After working with Yale University Press for eight months, I transitioned to Yale’s Research Support Team.

You participated in the NHHI trainee program. What was that experience like?

The program was an extraordinary opportunity. I became familiar with administrative processes at Yale. The trainee program helped strengthen my resume and cover letter, and I improved my interviewing skills.

Tell us about your current role at Yale?

I am a Financial Assistant at Research Support Business Operations. Under the direction of the Operations Manager, I provide a broad range of financial and administrative services to support units under the Vice Provost for Research.

What is your advice for other job seekers?

I would advise job seekers to stay persistent and use all the resources that NHHI has to offer. Join the New Haven Works Program and contact your job coach weekly. Always check for new job openings and apply. It took me two years to get my first job offer, and in between that time, I was strengthening my skills and applying for jobs. Never give up! Opportunity is right around the corner. Stay persistent!