FAQs on unused non-refundable airline tickets

April 7, 2022

FAQs on unused non-refundable airline tickets

Q: I have an unused non-refundable ticket on file for a trip that was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, and I was notified by the airline that it would expire soon. Can I still use it?

A: Yes, if the ticket is still listed in your travel profile, it will be available for use until it expires. Check with the airline to understand when the ticket must be used by.

Q: What happens after an unused, non-refundable ticket is no longer available in my profile?

A: If the ticket has expired, it is no longer available for your use.

Q: How are airlines handling expired, unused, non-refundable tickets issued during Covid?

A: Initially, US airlines extended the expiration of the tickets. More recently, some airlines have opted to credit the University for the value of expiring unused non-refundable tickets to encourage new travel and to prevent the loss of these funds.     

Q: How will this impact me or anyone that I book travel for?

A: The University is currently negotiating with participating US airlines on using the funds from the unused, non-refundable tickets. There will be an announcement soon outlining the process for using these funds.

Q: What should I do if I have a ticket that will expire soon?

A: If you are traveling, you should attempt to use the ticket for an upcoming trip before it expires. Egencia can assist you if you have questions.

Q: Should I book a trip to retain the value of the ticket, even if I’m not planning to travel?

A: No. Travel must be for valid university business and needs to take place prior to the ticket expiration date.

Q: Is there any other action that I need to take?

A: If you have no plans to travel before your ticket expires, there is no action required at this time. There will be a communication soon that will outline the process for utilizing any funds credited to the University for these expired, unused, non-refundable tickets. If you have extenuating circumstances not covered by the points listed above, send an email with your question and explanation to travel@yale.edu.