New service for federal grant-funded travel

April 6, 2022


To ensure compliance with Federal grant funding agency requirements, Yale Travel Management is piloting a new travel booking platform for federal grant-funded travel. The new platform is provided by World Travel, Inc. (WTI) and will be configured to help Yale federal grant-funded travelers make compliant travel arrangements starting in Fall 2022. Communication and training opportunities are forthcoming.

  • The WTI platform provides an easy-to-use premium travel booking platform that will help Yale grant-funded travelers avoid extra work and penalties due to non-compliance with federal grant-funding agency requirements. (See compliance requirements.)
  • Impacted stakeholders will receive additional information regarding training in advance of the new platform launch. Additional information will also be posted on the Yale Travel Management website.
  • This change pertains only to travel booked using federally sponsored awards. Yale’s current Egencia travel booking service should continue to be used to book all other travel, including trips related to grants that are not federally funded.


Key benefits: Travelers using WTI travel booking platform will benefit from:

  • An easy-to-use self-service online booking platform.
  • 24/7 access to experienced travel consultants by phone, email, text, or live chat.
  • Travel alerts to inform travelers about potential impacts to their travel plans (e.g., weather-related issues, schedule changes, applicable waivers, etc.)
  • Savings tools, including post-ticketing technology that continuously monitors changing market prices and searches for lower rates.

Platform launch timing: We expect the WTI travel booking platform to launch in May. Any federally grant-funded travel that has already been booked will remain with Egencia or on the platform it was booked on.

Platform training: Training on the new travel booking platform will be provided to Yale community members by WTI in the coming weeks.


Please email with questions regarding this new platform and service.