Hiring Spotlight – Ana Juarez

May 2, 2022

Image of Ana Juarez.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a life-long New Haven resident, and I have strong roots in my community. I am currently trying to become more involved with volunteer work and be a part of city-wide functions and community events. I live with my fiancé and our two dogs in the Fair Haven neighborhood.

Tell us about your job search.

Like many others who navigated through the recession and pandemic, my job search was a long and arduous road. I worked in fields ranging from dentistry to sales until I finally found a home in customer and patient services. I have seen this city suffer, transform, and flourish and have always wanted to find permanent employment within it. Finally, landing a full-time, regular position with a respectful employer, such as Yale Medicine, has been life changing. The key to securing my job was the NHHI program.

You participated in the NHHI trainee program. What was that experience like?

I applied for a position with the university at the end of 2020 after being laid off due to the pandemic. Months later, I heard back from the NHHI Program Manager, who recommended I apply to New Haven Works. At New Haven Works, I was assigned a coach who helped tailor my resume to my strengths, helped me gain confidence, and gave me a fresh perspective on navigating job interviews. The NHHI Program Manager was also a true mentor and helped me navigate all required steps to participate in the NHHI career pathway program, which was one of the best experiences I had ever had in job searching.

Tell us about your current role at Yale.

My current title is Clinical Receptionist 2. I am the first contact and friendly face for patients when they step into our clinic. My top priorities are patient care, patient privacy, and ensuring a smooth visit. I have been trained to work in more than ten clinics and have worked in adult and pediatric clinics.

What is your advice for other job seekers?

My advice to other job seekers is not to lose hope. I interviewed for various positions inside and outside of Yale before landing a regular position. Despite being told that it could take six months or more, I was offered a full-time, benefit-eligible role in less than three months. I kept doubting myself throughout the process, thinking I would not be good enough to gain a regular position. I now get positive feedback from my managers and have great coworkers and patients who appreciate my efforts. Job seekers should sign up with New Haven Works and trust the NHHI process! You can do it!