Possible action required: Capital Asset Accounting and Yale School of Medicine MEI asset RFID retagging & FY22 Biennial Inventory

June 29, 2022


Having completed Phase 1 for all Cost Centers and retagged approximately 63% of Yale’s Moveable Equipment Inventory (MEI) assets, the Capital Asset Accounting and the Yale School of Medicine Controller’s Office teams have moved into Phase 2 of the retagging initiative. 

  • During Phase 2 the retagging team will revisit Cost Centers where not all the MEI assets listed as active in Workday Business Assets were located and retagged, or status updated to disposed.
  • Phase 2 retagging will be scheduled via an e-mail message from the ‘MEI.Admin’ email account. The email will include a list of the MEI assets not found during Phase 1 and will require a Cost Center representative to locate the missing assets, update MEI assets status in Workday Business Assets as needed, and accompany the retagging team during the Phase 2 retagging.
  • The FY22 Biennial Inventory, required by Friday, July 29, will be completed simultaneously with this RFID re-tagging project.
  • Workday Business Assets will remain the system of record and will integrate with the new Radiant RFID Asset inventory tags that will be placed on all University MEI assets affected by this upgrade.

Action Required

  • Please review the March 31, 2022 MEI RFID Finance Awareness Communication for additional details on this Capital Asset Accounting MEI RFID and FY22 Biennial Inventory initiative.
  • Watch for your Phase 2 scheduling email from the ‘MEI.Admin’ email account and follow the directions therein to schedule a time for the Capital Asset Accounting or Yale School of Medicine Controller’s Office retagging team to revisit your site(s) to complete retagging of active MEI Assets.
  • The success of Phase 2 retagging is dependent upon the Cost Center representative:
    • Knowing the physical location of MEI assets not retagged during Phase 1
    • Accompanying the retagging team during the Phase 2 retagging
    • Where necessary, ensuring that the retagging team has access to all the MEI Assets needing the new RFID tags. This means that the Cost Center representative will have to coordinate with personnel with MEI assets in restricted areas.

Need Help?

If you have questions about this project, please contact the Capital Asset Accounting team at mei.admin@yale.edu.

For the Yale School of Medicine, please contact mark.dagostino@yale.edu.