Recruitment Strategic Initiative – Requisition Planning Tool release 

September 14, 2022


As the Recruitment Strategic Initiative was previously announced, the program team continues to review opportunities to streamline the recruitment process where able.

A recruiting needs review has been identified as the next MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which aims to give both clients and the Talent Acquisition team a transparent process to identify recruitment needs within the department and utilize the university’s applicant tracking system (STARS) to store this information in a real-time manner. This process will help prioritize and focus the efforts across various open positions more effectively and efficiently.  

A Requisition Planning Tool has been developed to support recruiting efforts and is now available for department leaders and lead administrators


The Requisition Planning Tool is designed to assist department leaders and lead administrators in assessing recruiting needs, decisions, and assigning open positions. The Tool displays data for all approved and opened staff positions. It includes worker type, job category, family profile, replacement/new, compensation grade, and posting date. This data does NOT include temp or casual information. 

The Requisition Planning Tool allows users to run a report that includes all staff positions (service & maintenance, clerical & technical, and managerial & professional). It also outlines steps on how to update position status in STARS.

You can begin using the Requisition Planning tool by accessing the following documents:

Target September 2022 Timeline – Department Recruitment Needs Status Updates

target timeline length req needs review and report out process
8/22/22 - 9/9/22 3 weeks
  • Lead administrators to meet with HRGs / HRBPs
  • Review the target timeline and department plan to operationalize
9/12/22 - 9/23/22 2 weeks
  • The Requisition Planning Tool opens on September 12 for lead administrator use
  • Lead administrators* to review open positions with hiring managers and identify the recruiting needs status for each
9/26/22 - 9/30-22 1 week
  • Lead administrators and HRGs / HRBPs to calibrate recruting needs status submitted and confirm opportunities for shared recruitment similar roles across the department or integrated business office (IBO)
  • Recruiting needs status is entered into STARS following lead administrator final review

*Lead administrator may identify a designee to assist with data collection and entering into STARS. The lead administrator is responsible for the overall review and approval of submissions and for facilitating department meetings. 

Need Help?

Please reach out to your HR business partner with any questions or comments about this important initiative.