Change to postdoctoral fellow healthcare subsidy as of Jan. 1, 2023

December 21, 2022

Effective Jan, 1, 2023, through support of the provost and YSM Dean, a new central fund will be used to subsidize health insurance premium costs for postdoctoral fellows when there are no available funds for single health insurance. The fund will also provide a new subsidy for postdoctoral fellows enrolling in Yale Health or Aetna plans for spouse, child(ren) and family coverage. Premium costs for single health insurance for postdoctoral fellows that are currently subsidized by fellowships, academic units, or faculty funds should continue to be funded in this manner if allowable funds are available. 
Postdoctoral fellow rates and the health subsidy form are on the It’s Your Yale. The Workday guide, Manage Compensation (Academic) - PDF Subsidy for Health Insurance, details the process. If the central fund will be used, please email the subsidy form to
The subsidy chart and answers to frequently asked questions are posted on the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs - Administrators web page, and will be updated regularly. Please check there before emailing questions to the office.