'Twas the week before Recess - by Lauren Giaimo

December 21, 2022

‘Twas the week before Recess
And all through Science Park
The engagement committee was humming
Preparing for a lark!
They had been meeting as a team
And after months of chatter
Came up with a plan
Fit for a Mad Hatter!
“We will bring the party to the office!
It will be so grand!
The staff are going to love it!
Alice in WinterLand!”
It all came together 
On the 13th of December
An event to top all events
One we will always remember!
And on that great day
In what seemed like a flash
The committee transformed the building
Into quite the year-end bash!
“Here come the caterers, here comes Hospitality!
Look at all these raffles, and donations to charity!
The Queen of Hearts is on six! And a Rabbit Hole on the third!
Sliders on the first floor!  A fifth-floor band to be heard!”
There were waffles and strawberries and champagne and cheese
Every appetizer you could think of could be found with ease
Cupcakes and Bundt cakes and cookies on the shelf
We even had The Grinch and Buddy the Elf!
Then the raffle was ready, and we heard each name called 
And best part of the day, became apparent to all 
Donations were made that would be given as a gift 
To families less fortunate, whose spirits need a lift
As the event ended, we commended the teams
And all the staff who participated, who were well out of steam
But if you listened closely, you could clearly hear
“That was a lot of fun, how do we top it next year??”
- Lauren Giaimo