ISPADJ Journal Source - Restricted charging to sponsored awards and updated controls

March 8, 2023

As previously communicated on November 9, 2022, moving charges from the journal source of a restricted USP to a non-restricted journal source, such as ISPADJ, is not permitted. Procedure 1410 PR.03 describes the appropriate use of the ISPADJ journal source. Read more about restricted charging.

“Users are responsible for making any needed correction to an original charge that is not the result of a USP error. If the change is permanent and continuing forward, users are responsible for contacting the USP with updated charging instructions. Departments and/or their representatives must use a Journal Source that has been specially configured for this purpose (i.e., Name = ISP Adjustments; Ref ID = ISPADJ). Departments may NOT use the original USP’s Journal Source.”

The Controller’s Office is implementing new internal controls on the ISPADJ journal source to restrict certain charges on sponsored awards. If you have any questions, please reach out to