Procedure 3215 PR.01 Yale Purchasing Card Procedure - Update

March 22, 2023

The following revised policy documents are now published and effective. Please discuss the documents with the appropriate people in your department and send any questions to

Policy 3215 Yale Purchasing Card

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These revised documents originate from the Procurement department. Three documents received updates, the substance of which is outlined below.

Procedure 3215 PR.01 was updated with the following:

  • First, the procedure was updated to reflect the implementation of a new commodity category with its own associated standard PCard limits: publishing fees.  As the result of feedback from the community, publishing fees are now an optional commodity category for cardholders who encounter those expenses. 
  • Second, the procedure was updated to clarify the process for requesting both temporary and permanent PCard limit increase exceptions.  For limit increase exceptions, cardholders should use Form 3215 FR.10 to obtain departmental approval from their lead administrator (or designee), who should then submit the completed form to for processing and review.

Both forms were updated to reflect the introduction of the publishing fees category. They also received clarifying enhancements to streamline their use.

Additional information is forthcoming for cardholders who may be interested in utilizing the newly created publishing fees category.


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