ServiceNow launches Field Service Management application next month

March 9, 2023

Yale ITS previously announced that ServiceNow’s Field Service Management application would launch in March. The Field Service Management Application will now launch in mid-April. The new launch date allows sufficient time to conduct training while avoiding a conflict with our Student Technicians’ spring recess.


In March, ServiceNow Development and Support will introduce a new module in ServiceNow, the Field Service Management (FSM) application. FSM is a resource management system for dispatching technicians that also tracks equipment assets and consumables. The application will initially be utilized by Distributed Support Providers, Telecom, Audio & Visual Support, and Student Technology. The new module will improve overall customer satisfaction, standardize, and simplify processes and help to reduce downtime.

  • This application will help technicians manage work tasks performed in various locations for maintenance, installations, repairs, and removals. See details below.
  • Customized training is ongoing for each team.  


FSM offers many capabilities for technicians in the field, such as a new mobile app, skill-based assignment routing, available inventory visibility, dispatcher workspace, how-to checklists, and many future enhancements like geographic routing and appointment booking.

Outcomes include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction by allowing end users to self-schedule support at their convenience, receive real-time updates via notifications, and improve time-to-resolution.
  • Consolidation of multiple platforms currently in use (Pinnacle, FileMaker Pro, Confluence) into one centralized, standardized workspace (ServiceNow).
  • Reduced downtime by providing dispatchers visibility to ensure the technicians assigned have availability, the appropriate skills, and the required equipment.
  • Streamlined inventory with the ability to automate inventory tracking and set automatic threshold reorder values, saving time spent counting inventory and manually initiating purchases.
  • Reportable and actionable real-time metrics.

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