Time to Align - FY23 Annual Performance Management

March 22, 2023

Once again, it is time to complete your performance self-assessment, which is your opportunity to reflect on last year’s achievements and areas of growth and challenge and share them with your manager. First, please send a list of clients or colleagues who can provide feedback on your work during this past year to your manager as soon as possible. Next, please complete and forward your self-assessment to your manager by April 6.

The FY23 performance management and merit cycle evaluation period for managerial and professional staff covers performance through June 30. Performance rating and FY24 salary for managerial and professional employees will be available in Workday on July 31.

Clerical and Technical Staff

All clerical and technical employees and their supervisors are expected to take part in the annual feedback process, although the salary increments are contractually determined. Some departments may have an established schedule different from that for managerial and professional employees. Please direct any additional questions to your department manager.