YaleSites upgrade project status – Winter 2022

March 8, 2023


As previously announced, Yale ITS and the Office of Public Affairs and Communication are upgrading YaleSites, Yale’s web-publishing service. This message provides the Winter 2022 update on project progress: 


About the Project

  • YaleSites will upgrade to the latest version of Drupal, a supported, secure, and accessible content-managed platform. 
  • It includes an intuitive and flexible design platform, providing a cohesive visual identity. 
  • The project is scheduled to begin rebuilds in the late summer and fall of 2023 (FY24). 
  • Training and resources will be available to site builders, authors, and editors.

Project Status

  • Build Update
    • A new design system has been implemented. YaleSites.yale.edu is currently being rebuilt as a proof-of-concept site.
    • Features are being implemented that will enable customization of look and feel and create dynamic lists of events, news, and profiles on web pages.
    • Users should expect a more engaging authoring experience, improved site navigation, and enhanced accessibility.
  • Training Update
    • Content training sessions were provided in February and will be offered regularly.
    • Upcoming training sessions will include Basic Principles of Information Architecture and Using a Content Matrix. The user community will receive invitations in advance with the training dates and times.
    • Links to register for the trainings are published on yalesites.yale.edu.

Community Engagement
The YaleSites team is currently conducting meetings with departments across the campus that have a YaleSite to explain the project and share information about preparing for the rebuild to the new platform. These meetings will be completed within the next 6-8 weeks.

For more information, please visit the YaleSites upgrade program page.


Contact the YaleSites Team at YaleSitesUpgradeProgram@yale.edu, or visit the YaleSites FAQ page.