Finance Portfolio Dashboard – an update from Liz Burnell

May 31, 2023

Finance is currently working on several projects—including the large-scale OneFinance Strategic Initiative—all aimed at advancing business processes, policy, and system improvements. Given the magnitude of projects and initiatives underway at any given time, Finance has recognized the need to establish a more effective process for prioritizing projects and determining which may need to be postponed or deprioritized to allow Finance staff to focus on their day-to-day job responsibilities.

To improve the prioritization process, Finance performed the following steps:

  • assessed the current project portfolio;
  • evaluated the strategic alignment and potential impact of each initiative;
  • examined available resources and timelines; and
  • implemented a standard operating procedure for prioritization, using criteria such as strategic fit, potential return on investment, resource requirements, and urgency related to compliance.

As a result of these efforts, we have a more structured approach to prioritization, allowing us to identify key projects that align with the organization’s strategic goals and have the highest potential for success, leading to better resource allocation, improved focus on critical initiatives, and increased productivity overall. To ensure that the organization remains on track and adapts to changing circumstances, monthly monitoring and regular reassessment of project priorities have been implemented.

To facilitate prioritization efforts, we have created the Finance Portfolio Dashboard. This real-time, interactive dashboard provides up-to-date information on the status, progress, and execution of finance projects. This tool provides a central location to view all Finance projects, project phases, approval, and overall statuses, offering greater visibility into the portfolio to assist in making informed decisions.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the dashboard’s project manager, Liz Burnell at

We are committed to supporting you in leveraging this dashboard to its full potential. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the success of our finance projects.