Finance Culture Survey Q&A - July 2023

July 31, 2023

How can we streamline the interview process?  What can we do to make it better, yet easier (simplify and standardize)?

Thank you for thinking about streamlining and improving our interview process and raising this question.

We have already taken some steps toward achieving our objective of enhancing the overall hiring process efficiency and simplicity, while maintaining a high standard of candidate selection.

  1. As part of our Operations’ strategic initiatives, the Recruiting Strategic Initiative (RSI) team has been working on establishing a streamlined and effective hiring process. Over the past year, they have laid the foundation for achieving the North Star goal “To make hiring faster and simpler, resulting in more successful recruitment of highly talented and diverse employees.” They focus on creating an intuitive and efficient institutional process for staffing roles across Yale, enabling us to attract exceptional candidates while contributing to our culture and capability as a university.
  2. In addition, the university has made significant investments in new tools and programs to support the hiring process. These include an automated reference check process via SkillSurvey, implementing a referral program, and developing a comprehensive manager toolkit. These resources will streamline various aspects of the recruitment process, making it easier for managers to identify and select top-tier talent.

In Central Finance, we place great importance on the hiring process to ensure we not only find candidates who are the best fit for the role in terms of skills and abilities but also align with our organizational culture. As new positions open, hiring managers are invited to attend a kickoff session with HR. These sessions serve as an opportunity to explain the process, discuss the desired qualities of the ideal candidate, and address any questions or concerns the hiring manager might have. To identify the most suitable candidates, we recommend managers include a diverse and robust slate of interviewers. This ensures a comprehensive assessment of candidates from different perspectives and experiences.

Additionally, we emphasize the importance of soliciting feedback from interviewers objectively. This feedback plays a vital role in making informed and unbiased hiring decisions. We continuously seek ways to improve our procedures, ensuring we attract and select the most qualified individuals while maintaining a fair and efficient process. We are open to any other ideas you have.

Thank you for your dedication to our recruitment efforts as we collectively work towards securing highly talented and diverse employees who will contribute to our ongoing success.