Business Operations

Business Operations is a network of business and financial professionals who are operationally and strategically organized to support Yale’s mission of teaching, research, and practice. Every unit on campus – schools, colleges, museums, and libraries—has at least one business professional who partners with unit leaders to align resources with program strategy.

Our Mission

Business Operations supports Yale’s teaching, research, and practice missions by ensuring that all faculty, students, and staff consistently receive high quality financial and administrative support in a manner compliant with Yale university policies and procedures.

Our Goals

  • Improve and maintain the quality of financial and administrative services and ensure a sustainable cost structure
  • Evolve to a more connected organization
  • Create a culture of continuous learning and growth for business professionals

Our Strategies

  • Streamline and standardize processes, increase quality, reduce costs
  • Leverage University systems, structures, and expertise
  • Develop and engage the Business Operations community
  • Develop and implement models that optimize the leader’s time for planning and strategy
  • Embrace the value of diversity in all of our work
  • Achieve success through the skills and talents of our people

    Presented at the May LEAD meeting 5/5/2016