Human Resources

To lead, support, and partner with the Yale University community to achieve workplace excellence.

As a strategic business partner, Human Resources develops a work setting that thrives on diversity, individual and organizational high productivity and performance, continuous improvement, and exceptional customer service.


  • Excellence in every aspect of our work
  • Honesty in all of our dealings
  • Collaboration with our colleagues within our units and across the University
  • Innovation by asking questions, embracing change, taking appropriate risks, and encouraging others to do so
  • Fairness by treating each other evenhandedly and respectfully
  • Diversity of backgrounds and views to broaden our perspectives and enhance creativity
  • Professional Development to enhance our skills and our capacity to contribute

Our Goals

  • Develop Yale as a high-performing organization.
  • Recruit the best quickly.
  • Ensure a positive experience with Human Resources.
  • Offer effective compensation and benefits program that attract, develop, and retain staff.