John Whelan

Vice President, Human Resources

Prior to his role as Yale’s Chief Human Resources Officer, John served as Indiana University’s vice president and chief human resources officer. His accomplishments include implementing a comprehensive strategic plan and redesigning the HR delivery model to improve effectiveness in staff recruitment, retention, and professional development. He created a diversity, equity, and inclusion taskforce to review HR practices and policies before launching DEI initiatives to support an inclusive and equitable workplace.

John earned a J.D. in labor and employment law and B.A. in American studies from the University of Notre Dame. After graduation, he focused on HR because of a desire to be involved in all aspects of a workplace and to support the people whose talents and commitment are essential to the success of an organization. He was passionate about helping people, business operations, and communities thrive. Prior to his role at Indiana University, he was the vice president and chief human resources officer at Baylor University and also took on complex leadership responsibilities in HR for the University of Notre Dame, the Gillette Company, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 

A nationally recognized and awarded leader, John is at the forefront of HR practice. He served as the chair of the board for the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, and has received the Donald E. Dickason Award, in recognition of his exemplary leadership in his field. He also serves on the board for the American Research Universities Human Resource Institute and has mentored scores of HR professionals at all career stages.