Kiran Keshav

Senior Director, Research Technologies

Kiran Keshav is the Executive Director of the Yale Center for Research Computing and Senior Director of ITS Research Technologies at Yale University.

In this role, Kiran helped establish the Yale Center for Research Computing, which advances research excellence throughout the University by providing a home for computationally intensive research across a panoply of disciplines. Kiran reports to the Deputy Provost for Research and the Deputy Dean for Academic & Scientific Affairs at the Yale School of Medicine.

In parallel, Kiran serves as the Senior Director of ITS Research Technologies and reports to the Chief Information Officer, working with faculty and researchers across the university to advance Yale’s research mission through the application of digital technologies.

Prior to coming to Yale, Kiran served as Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Technology at Betterment in New York City.  He was also the Manager of the Development Group at the Columbia University Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
Kiran is an alum of Queen’s University in Canada, and Columbia University.