Office of New Haven Affairs

Yale New Haven Affairs is committed to strengthening Yale’s impact on New Haven’s economy, public schools and youth, neighborhoods, local businesses, and community. Yale partners with the New Haven Public Schools to promote access, communication, shared resources, and mutual learning. Pathways to Arts and Humanities explores how humans use literature, art, music, theater, history, and language to understand our connection to the world and to one another. Yale Pathways to Science invites students to programs, demonstrations, lectures, and laboratory visits on Yale University’s campus to learn about cutting-edge advances in science from respected professors. New Haven Affairs also supports various City of New Haven organizations, many New Haven nonprofits, as well as groups that support New Haven residents, including New Haven Promise, International Festival of Arts and Ideas, United Way to name a few.

University Properties

Yale University Properties manages Yale University’s commercial properties, including retail stores, office spaces, and residential units, in New Haven. Enabled by Yale’s community investment program, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life in New Haven through the development of high quality retail and office environments and the revitalization of surrounding neighborhoods.