Guide: Responding to Workplace Violence

All members of the Yale community have the responsibility to report threatening or violent behavior, whether that behavior is exhibited by faculty, staff, students, or visitors.

If there is an immediate threat of violence, call 911 right away or call the Yale Police directly at 203-432-4400 (24 hours a day). If you don’t have a phone, go to and use one of the nearly 400 blue light emergency phones on campus. Individuals on West Campus or in locations other than New Haven, should dial 911. 

Click for the nearest security blue phone.

If the threat of violence is not immediate, please notify one of the following:

  • A supervisor
  • Human Resources - 203- 436-8857
  • Office of Equal Opportunity Programs- 203-432-0849
  • Office for Postdoctoral Affairs
    Central Campus - 203-432-9075
    School of Medicine - 203-785-7528
  • Dean’s Office in your school
  • Residential College Master or Dean
  • Dean of Student Affairs

If you are unsure of whom to call, please consult with your Human Resources Generalist or call Yale’s anonymous “hot line” by dialing (877) 360-YALE. Click to find your Human Resources Generalist.

Members of the university community are expected to notify Yale Police whenever a legal order of protection is granted that mentions a university property or involves a member of the university community.  Victims of domestic violence who believe the violence may extend into the university community are also encouraged to notify Yale Police.  Appropriate efforts will be made in all cases to protect the privacy and sensitivity of the information provided. 

Retaliation against any member of the community acting in good faith, who has made a complaint of threatening or potentially violent behavior, is a very concerning violation of this policy and will result in serious disciplinary action and/or academic suspension or expulsion.

Response to Threatening, Intimidating, or Violent Behavior
The university will take seriously all reports of threats and will seek out the necessary expertise as is appropriate. The range of actions taken in response may include removal of dangerous persons from the premises, arrests, discipline up to and including termination, academic suspension or expulsion, legal action (such as restraining orders), provision of added security measures, mental health referrals, and other actions as necessary and appropriate.

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of domestic violence, there are many campus resources available to help. Domestic violence can affect every aspect of a victim’s life and, in many instances, threatening behavior can extend into the workplace as well. The Yale Police Department strongly encourages you to report any domestic violence incidents by calling 203-432-4400.