Gift Policies

Estimated income can be calculated by using the original gift amount and multiplying by 5.25% which is the University’s long–term targeted spending rate. New endowment funds established during the fiscal year and new gifts to existing endowment funds receive a pro rata spending distribution based on the quarter in which the gifts are received. The spending distributions are credited in the month following the purchase of new endowment units and are calculated as follows:

Period during which new gift is received: Pro Rata annual Distribution:
1st Quarter (July 1-Sept 30) 75%
2nd Quarter (October 1- December 31) 50%
3rd Quarter (January 1- March 31) 25%
4th Quarter (April 1-June 30) 0%

To help defray the administrative costs associated with fundraising operations and gift administration, the following assessments are made by the University:

  • All gifts to the Yale Alumni Fund are assessed a 12% administrative charge
  • All spendable gifts to the University, please see “Indirect cost recovery for expendable gifts” at the following link: Giving At Yale.
  • The University also imposes an administrative assessment on restricted endowment funds which represents a pro rata portion of costs it incurs in carrying out the purposes of the funds.

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