Staff Workplace Policies - Introduction

I. Objectives and Scope

These policies of the University govern aspects of employment for managers and professional staff. The University reserves the right to modify any of these policies at any time and to amend the terms of any staff member benefit described herein, in accordance with the terms of the applicable plan document. This guide is intended to provide general information about policies, procedures and benefits.  Specific questions should be directed to the Employee Service Center.  Additional questions about department-specific practices not covered in these policies should be directed to a supervisor or business office.

It is intended that this guide be used for the following purposes:

  • to provide uniform reference for administering the human resources functions of the University as they affect managerial and professional staff;
  • to promote a uniform understanding and application of University policies;
  • to identify areas of responsibility for administering and monitoring human resources policy; and
  • to provide a reference tool for use in orientation sessions of new staff and incumbents.

These policies also govern aspects of employment for administrative staff not covered by union contracts. For additional information, please contact the Employee Service Center.

This edition supersedes all previous manuals and revisions.

II. Distribution

These policies are available on the Yale website and are meant to be a resource for each department or unit of the University where managers and professional staff are employed.

III. Administration of Policy

The Vice President for Human Resources and Administration has overall responsibility for implementation and administration of these policies.

On a day-to-day basis, however, it is the responsibility of each staff member covered by these policies to administer and follow all policies in a manner consistent with the provisions of these policies.

IV. Changes in Policy

Changes in policy must be authorized by the Vice President for Human Resources and Administration, or by his or her designee.

The University reserves the right to change policies and practices regarding pay, benefits or other conditions of employment outlined in these policies with or without prior notice. Changes and updates will be made electronically and communicated accordingly.

These policies are not intended to be a contract of employment.