1302 PR.03 Requesting a Modified Project/Task

Revision Date: 
July 30, 2013

1 – Prepare to request a modified project and/or task

1a.  Overview of projects and tasks

This procedure assumes an understanding of the Chart of Accounts and of projects and tasks as implemented at the University. For detailed information refer to the COA Handbook and to Procedure 1302 PR.1.

This procedure is intended to help users to make informed decisions about modifying projects and tasks and to assist in the preparation and completion of the following COA request forms:

1b.  Overview of the Request Process

Who requests modified project and/or task?

Any person authorized by a department can request to modify an existing project or task.

How do I submit a request?

Request forms should be sent by email to coa@yale.edu.

Does the request need to be reviewed in my department?

Yes – all request forms require departmental review and approval prior to submission to COA.  Please note that the requestor and department approver must be different people.  The department approver must have authority over the organization listed as the project “owner”.  Approval can be indicated in one of three ways:

  • Approver sends the request to coa@yale.edu,
  • Approver is carbon copied on the request submission, or
  • Approver’s authorization is included in the request’s email string.

You may be asked to provide additional information or revisions

If you are notified that the request needs additional information or revision:

  • Enter the additional data or make the appropriate changes to the form.
  • Resubmit the form for approval.

Receive notification of approval or rejection

When a decision has been made on the request for a new project, you will be notified:



The request is approved

  • The Project Processor will notify you of the new project number. 
  • The project can now be budgeted in University budget applications.
  • Expenses can now be recorded to the project (if the project has been linked to an award and organization).

Remember that you cannot charge any expenses to this project until it is linked to an award and organization. This information should have been included on your request forms (see form instructions below).

The request is rejected

  • Chart of Accounts will notify you of a problem with your request.
  • You may revise the request and resubmit it, if appropriate.
  • Avoid common mistakes by:
  • Filling out the form clearly, completely and correctly.
  • Determining if the action you have taken is the best way to proceed (e.g. consider whether adding a new task to an existing project might be more appropriate than creating a new project).
  • Ensuring that you understand the PTAEO definitions and how each account segment should be used.

2 – Request a Project/Task Modification

2a.  General Modification Information

What modifications can be made to a project or task?

A department can modify a project or task at any time.  Fields that can be modified include: name, short name, project-owning organization, functional classification, start/end dates, and project/task manager.

Note: Changes to some of these values may result in other changes (e.g. changing the project-owning organization means the original project-owner may no longer be able to view all project data).

What modifications should not be made on this form?

A department that wishes to close a project and/or task should NOT use this form.  The proper request form is the Projects & Tasks – Closing Request form (1302 FR.09), available at the PTAEO Maintenance section.  For procedures, see 1302 PR.05 (Closing an Account Segment).

A department wishing to modify a PTAO linkage (changing either a project/award linkage or a project/organization linkage) should NOT use this form.  The proper request form is the Linkage New/Modification Request (1302 FR.10), available at the PTAEO Maintenance section.  For procedures and instructions, see Procedure 1302 PR.04 (Requesting New/Modified Charging Linkages).

Consider effects on the ability to conduct transactions

Whenever you consider modifying a project or task in a way that will alter one or more of the PTAEO charging instructions associated with the project or task, you need to determine:

  • What activities conducted by the project or task are affected by the proposed change?
  • Will any scheduled or ad hoc reports be impacted?
  • Have I updated charging instructions for recurring transactions, VIPs and labor schedules?
  • Do all impacted parties know about the change?

2b.  Complete and Submit the Project/Task Modification Request Form

Obtain the Project & Task Modification Request form (1302 FR.12)

Obtain the Project & Task Modification Request form on-line at the PTAEO Maintenance section.  Full instructions are included.

Complete all sections of the form. All fields are required, unless otherwise stated.

2c.  Perform other important post-modification responsibilities

Schedule labor, if applicable

You may need to schedule labor or make changes to existing labor schedules associated with this project/task.

If, for costing purposes, you determine that all or part of an employee’s salary or wages should be charged to this new project/task, you will need to modify the labor schedule for that employee.

Refer to the LD Handbook for information and instructions on entering or modifying a labor schedule.

You should schedule labor now if information is known or available. Prompt action will help avoid the need for labor adjustments.

Review the Confirmation report detailing the updated project/task information

Review the information provided to you in the Confirmation report to confirm that it corresponds to your request.

  • Make sure that the project/task information and detail is consistent with what you requested.
  • Review and verify any changes made to your request by the Processor.
  • Notify the Processor immediately if you find discrepancies or have questions.
  • Communicate the change to all impacted parties.