1615 PR.02 Change Notification Standards for Non-ITS-managed Configuration Items

Revision Date: 
April 17, 2015


Owners of non-ITS-owned or -managed configuration items are asked to report planned modifications to ITS to minimize the impact of these changes on the IT infrastructure and other systems, applications and services available at Yale.

Who to Notify

Please notify the Change Manager (CM) directly by emailing ChangeManager@yale.edu, and include all of the information detailed below.

Timing of Notice

Please report any planned changes at least seven (7) days prior to implementing any change.

Notification Content

Please include the following information in your notice to the CM:

  • Name of the configuration item (CI) being changed
  • Owner of the CI
  • Manager of the CI (if different from the Owner)
  • Developer/designer/implementer of the change to the CI
  • Department responsible for this CI
  • Planned implementation date
  • Known or anticipated impact on:
    • The University Network
    • University Email systems (e.g. if implementation of the change will result in the generation of a significant amount of email)
    • Other Yale systems, applications, processes, or platforms

Receipt of Notice and Additional Steps

The CM will acknowledge receipt of the notice and will only contact the system owner for clarification, if further action is required on the part of the system owner or to determine whether this type of change can be added to the ITS Change Management process.