3401 PR.03 Disbursing Funds for Prizes, Awards, Stipends, and Fellowships

Revision Date: 
December 9, 2020


1.      Overview

2.      Preparing to Create a PandA Request

3.      Creating and Processing a PandA Request

1. Overview

This procedure supports Policy 3401 General Payment.  It details the steps to follow to request the disbursement of University funds via the PandA system.  This system is the University’s preferred mechanism for requesting the disbursement of University funds for student prizes, awards, stipends, and fellowships.

Note: at this time, the PandA system only permits disbursements to students who are either U.S. citizens or permanent residents (i.e., those with a Social Security Number).  To request disbursements to non-U.S. students, follow Procedure 3401 PR.02 Supplier Invoice Request.

2. Preparing to Create a PandA Request

Prior to creating a PandA request, Requestors who have determined that such a request is appropriate should address the following items:

  • Is the student to whom the disbursement will be made a U.S. citizen or permanent resident?
    • If so, proceed to the next step.
    • If not, follow Procedure 3401 PR.02 Supplier Invoice Request to request disbursements to non-U.S. students.
  • Does the student’s Banner record contain a Social Security Number (see Banner Support for guidance on requesting Banner information)?
    • If so, proceed to the next step.
    • If not, follow Procedure 3401 PR.02 Supplier Invoice Request to request disbursement.
  • Gather the information detailed on the PandA Data Entry Template, as it will be necessary to process a request.

3. Creating and Processing a PandA Request

Requestors who have determined that a PandA request is appropriate and completed the preparation steps (as detailed in Section 2, above) may create a request by accessing the system: PandA.  The request Initiator is responsible for providing (and responsible for obtaining from the Requestor, if the Requestor is different than the Initiator) the information requested by the instructions within the system.  The Initiator is also responsible for following the instructions within the system to process the request.  This includes using the “Validate” button in the system, which generates an email to the Initiator indicating whether any validation errors exist.  If there are errors detected, the Initiator is responsible for correcting the errors before continuing with the request.

Once the Initiator has verified the information for the request, a departmental Approver is responsible for reviewing the request and, if appropriate, approving the request by using the “Validate and Pay” button in the system.  For purposes of the PandA system, departmental Approvers include individuals with the following Workday Roles:

  • Cost Center P2P Approver – $1K;
  • Cost Center P2P Approver – $10K; and
  • Cost Center P2P Approver – Unlimited.

The individual who ultimately approves a request with any of the above roles is responsible for adhering to the Approver Responsibilities detailed in Policy 1101 Guiding Principles for University Operations and Procedure 1101 PR.06 Approval Authority.

After a request is submitted using the “Validate and Pay” button, it either creates a new Supplier record or uses an existing Supplier record (based on the information provided) to create a disbursement request.  Disbursement requests created through PandA route to Accounts Payable (“AP”) for processing.  Disbursements are typically available the following business day.  AP informs the Approver via email when the check is available for pick-up.  The Approver (or designee) may then pick up the check and provide it to the student.

A. Additional Approvals

Certain requests require additional review and approval prior to disbursement processing.  In such cases, AP routes the request via Workday for appropriate additional review and approval, as detailed in the table below:

Disbursement request details

Responsible for additional review and approval

  • All PandA requests ≥ $100,000

Director of AP (or designee)

  • Check disbursements ≥ $100,000

University Controller (or designee)