3501 PR.02 C&T or M&P Temporary Employee and Student Time Entry

Revision Date: 
February 5, 2013

1 – Payroll Policies and Process

Payroll Policies

Salary and wage payments to employees must be made according to University policies.

The Payroll Office relies on school and department administrators for assistance in the collection of employment documents and the reporting of hours. Schools and departments are further responsible for ensuring that wage payments are authorized in accordance with established policies and are appropriate within the unit’s approved annual budget.

See Policy 3501 General Payroll Policy for an overview of payroll policies and procedures for various University employee categories.

Refer to the Personnel Policies and Practices Manual (Link 1) for information regarding temporary and student employees.

This document contains procedures for time entry for temporary employee and student hourly employees, excluding Service & Maintenance (S&M) casual and student payroll.

  • For S&M casual or S&M student procedures, refer to the Kronos Supervisor’s Manual.

Oracle Time Entry Application

The Oracle Time Entry application is used to enter payroll transactions for the following employee categories:

  • temporary employees, other than S&M casuals
  • This includes non-Yale students; such individuals are hired and paid as temporary employees.
  • for students not yet processed or paid through the online Student Employment system
  • This includes Yale undergraduate and graduate students working as hourly employees (STH).

Graduate student fellowships or payments for teaching or research positions are not based on hours worked and are not processed through the weekly Time Entry application. However, graduate student hourly work can be paid with the weekly Time Entry application. Their hourly pay will be included in their semi-monthly paycheck.

The Oracle Time Entry application is also used to pay C&T employees for additional temporary hours or occasional shift premiums, as described in Section 4.

Time for S&M employees is entered via a different payroll system, My Time (Kronos).

Roles and Responsibilities

The time entry process involves the following roles and responsibilities:




  • completes and signs a timesheet and submits the completed form to his/her supervisor.


  • downloads timesheet and distributes to employee.
  • collects, reviews and approves timesheet.
  • returns a copy of the timesheet to the employee for his/her records.

Additional departmental authorizer (if applicable)

  • reviews and approves timesheet.
  • Note: the same individual may perform supervisor and authorizer functions, if so authorized by the department.

Authorized department data entry staff person

  • enters payroll information into Human Resources time entry system.

Additional authorized departmental approver (if applicable)

  • reviews and approves payroll entries.
  • Note: the same individual may perform data entry and approval functions, if so authorized by the department.

Department record custodian

  • retains originals or copies of timesheets as required by record retention policy, described below.


Retention of Records

Your department is required to retain original employee timesheets for seven (7) years, or longer if departmental needs require. For more information refer to Policy 1105 Retention of University Financial Records.


Employment and payroll information is confidential, and as such should be provided on a need-to-know basis only.

All documents and electronic records related to payroll must be handled and stored in a manner consistent with their confidentiality by all who have responsibility for any aspect of the payroll function.

2 – Requirements for Paying a New Temporary or Yale Student Employee

What Is Required to Begin Paying a Temporary Employee

In order to be paid, a temporary employee must have an active assignment record in the Human Resources database.

  • The employee cannot be paid until an active employee assignment record is created or updated in the Human Resources database.
  • Complete and submit a Temporary Requisition Submittal Form (3501 FR.30C (Link 2)).
  • Once the temporary employee has been identified, complete the Temporary Employee Data Collection Form that was sent by Staffing.
  • For specific procedures, see 3501 PR.18 Hiring a Temporary C&T or M&P Employee.

Note: Temporary employee records become available for weekly time entry as soon as the employee record is created in the Human Resources database.

What Is Required to Begin Paying a Yale Student

The Student Employment Office (SEO) processes all employment documents needed for student hourly employees, other than Library and Local 35 student employees. The SEO adds new student employment records to the Human Resource database and updates existing information on returning students, including rate of pay.

For detailed information, see 3501 PR.17 (Link 3).

Also refer to the SEO web site (www.yale.edu/seo), or contact SEO at 2-0167; e-mail: student.employment@yale.edu.

The Student Employment Office is located at 246 Church Street.

3 – Distribute and Collect Employee Timesheets

Standard Temp/Student Timesheets

Temporary and student employees must provide time and attendance information on a weekly timesheet. The standard University temp/student timesheet may be obtained from the Quick Forms (Link 4) web site and distributed to employees.

The employee must provide the following information on the weekly timesheet:

  • organization
  • name
  • UPI (University Person Identifier)
  • week ending date
  • times and hours worked
  • total hours for the week.

The employee must sign the timesheet.

If the payment will be charged to a sponsored project, the certification statement in the lower right hand corner of the form must be signed and dated by the Principal Investigator or by a Responsible Official using suitable means of verification that the work was performed for the award being charged.

Collect and Approve Timesheets

  1. Collect and review timesheets at the end of each week, noting the following:
    • time should be listed in increments of ¼ hour
    • temporary employees are entitled to overtime pay for work exceeding 40 hours in a week.
    • the employee must sign the timesheet
  2. Sign approved timesheets, or return to employee for revision if needed.
  3. Give a copy of the approved timesheet to each employee for his/her records.
  4. Enter approved timesheet data each Monday morning as described in Sections 4 and 5.

Retain Timesheets

Retain original employee timesheets for seven (7) years, or longer if departmental needs require.

4 – Enter Temp/Student Payroll Data

Payroll Deadlines

Payroll information for temporary and student employees must be entered into the Time Entry system and approved before 11 AM each Tuesday. It is recommended that data entry be completed each Monday morning for the preceding pay week.

  • If Monday is a holiday, time entry and approval must be completed by 9 AM on Wednesday for the preceding pay week.

Note: For graduate or professional students working as hourly employees who also receive stipend or other payments via the semi-monthly payroll, the hourly pay is included in the semi-monthly paycheck. The check will include pay for hours entered by the semi-monthly payroll cutoff date (refer to the Payroll Schedule for cutoff dates). Hours entered after the cutoff will be paid in the subsequent semi-monthly check.

Review Temporary Employee and Student Payroll Records

Log on to Oracle Time Entry. Refer to the Casual/Student Payroll User Guide for detailed instructions and scenarios.

Requesting Removal of Name From List

If an individual who is no longer associated with your organization appears in the Oracle Time Entry application, you may request removal of the name as follows:

  • Temporary employees (job category CAS): contact Employee Services at employee.services@yale.edu to request removal of the individual from your organization:
  • Students who are hourly employees (job category STH): contact Student Employment Office, 432-0167; e-mail student.employment@yale.edu to request removal of the individual from your organization.
  • Students on the semi-monthly payroll (job category STN) should remain in the organization associated with their semi-monthly stipend payment.


Enter Payroll Data

Compare each employee’s paper timesheet with the employee record shown on the Time Entry screen. Proceed as follows:

  1. Verify displayed costing (charging instructions); override if needed. If field is blank, enter costing.
  2. Enter hourly or flat amount payroll data. Refer to the Casual/Student Payroll User Guide for detailed instructions and scenarios.

5 – Approve Payroll Entries and Print Report

Approve Entries

Complete payroll data entry and departmental approval of the payroll before 11 AM each Tuesday. (If Monday is a holiday, complete data entry and approval by 9 AM on Wednesday.)



you are also the authorizer

you are not an authorizer

  • depending upon departmental preference:
  • print a preliminary report (see below) for the authorizer if necessary


  • log off.
  • notify the authorizer that weekly payroll is ready for approval.


Print Weekly Payroll Report

After the weekly payroll is approved, or after any subsequent changes are made, you may print and retain a payroll report for the pay period for use in monthly review and other accounting functions.

6 – Verify Payroll Processing (Optional)

Weekly Processing

Each week, the Oracle system processes payroll entries by pulling approved employee payroll records into an Earnings File. The system marks each record that it has selected for processing by changing the A code in the Status column to a P for Processed.

Verify That Payroll Entries Have Been Processed

Log on to Oracle Time Entry and select the desired Week Ending Date.

The Status column will show a P entry for all records that have been processed by the system.

7 – Adjustments to Pay

Payment Adjustment Form

If it is necessary to request an adjustment to an employee’s pay after the relevant payroll has been processed, complete a Payroll Payment Adjustment Form (Link 5). Both the employee and a department authorizer must sign the form.

Retain a copy in your department files.

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