3501 PR.13 Staff (C&T / M&P / S&M) Resignations

Revision Date: 
August 17, 2011

1 – Policies and Respon​sibilities

Review Applicable Policies

Resignation refers to the voluntary relinquishment of University employment by an employee.

Contractual obligations governing resignation for clerical and technical employees are contained in the bargaining agreement negotiated with Local 34.

The policies and practices governing resignation for managerial and professional staff and clerical and technical staff excluded from the bargaining unit are contained in Section 107 (Link 1) of the Personnel Policies and Practices Manual.

Resignation Date

The date of resignation is the last day worked.

The resignation date cannot be a non-working day such as a sick, personal, vacation, PTO or recess day or a holiday. The only exception to this practice is in the case of a retirement.

Terminal vacation days may not be used to extend an employee’s date of resignation. Terminal vacation pay is paid as a lump sum.

Resignation date vs. final paycheck date: Do not end-date the employee’s labor schedule before the final paycheck is processed. If the schedule is end-dated prior to processing of the last paycheck, that amount will be charged to the organization suspense account.

Roles and Responsibilities

The resignation process for staff involves the following roles and responsibilities:




  • notifies supervisor in writing of intention to leave employment by submitting a letter or completing a Notice of Resignation form. Notice should equal one pay period.
  • clears any outstanding travel and salary advances.
  • returns keys, ID card, and other University-owned items(Link 2) to supervisor prior to departure.
  • notifies Parking of departure.
  • provides supervisor with a forwarding address.

Department supervisor

  • immediately provides information to department business manager regarding employee departure, to ensure timely payroll processing, particularly for discontinuation of University paid benefits.

Department business manager

  • reviews paid time off balances with employee.
  • immediately notifies Employee Relations to ensure timely payroll processing.
  • completes and submits HR Notification Form (HRNF) to Employee Relations; forwards personnel records to Employee Services.
  • makes sure that employee clears any outstanding travel or salary advances.
  • returns employee keys, ID card, and other University-owned items (Link 3) to appropriate offices.
  • requests termination of user accounts and security access for departing employee.
  • retains employment summary record in department files.

Human Resources Generalist

  • approves resignation terms for employees.
  • generates pink slip for unemployment compensation, if appropriate.
  • signs completed HRNF, and forwards to Employee Services.

Employee Services

  • verifies terminal vacation pay (TVP) for all employees; enters TVP in Human Resources database.
  • enters termination after last paycheck is generated.
  • sends employee official COBRA notification letter.
  • updates benefits-related information in Human Resources database as needed.

notifies benefits providers as appropriate.

Payroll Department staff

  • processes final paycheck including terminal vacation pay, if applicable.

2 – Receive Employee Notice of Resignation

Written Communication

The employee should submit written advance notification of his/her intention to resign.

To ensure accurate representation in the record, all employees should either submit a personal letter of resignation or complete and submit a Notice of Voluntary Resignation (Link 4).

Employees are expected to notify their supervisor of plans to resign as far in advance as possible, giving notice of at least one pay period.  The effective date of resignation is the last day worked. Paid time off may not be used to extend the date of resignation, except in the case of retirement.

3 – Notify Human Resources

HR Notification Form

As soon as an employee submits a notice of resignation, the home department should complete and submit a Human Resources Notification Form (Link 5)  (HRNF).

This form serves as the official confirmation of the resignation. It is important to submit the HR Notification Form promptly so that appropriate payroll processing can be completed for terminal vacation pay.

1.   Complete all relevant items in the Termination/Resignation/Retirement Confirmation section.

2.   Indicate whether or not the employee qualifies for TVP.

For information about accrual of vacation time and associated limits, refer to Section 303 (Link 6) of the Personnel Policies and Practices Manual.

3.   Obtain an approval signature from an appropriate department administrator.

4.   Submit HRNF to Employee Relations.

After Employee Relations receives the HRNF, reviews for completeness and signs the form, it is forwarded to Employee Services, where TVP is calculated and a staff member enters the HRNF data in the HR database.

Note: If the employee delays his or her departure, promptly notify Employee Relations of the change by completing and submitting a revised HRNF. Also, adjust labor schedule end dates if needed.

4 – Collect Keys, University Property from Departing Employee

Termination Checklist

Refer to the Termination Checklist to ensure that all required items are obtained from the departing employee.

Keys, ID

Prior to the employee’s departure, collect office keys and the ID card.  Return the ID card to the ID Center.

Other University Property

Collect from the employee any University property in his/her possession, such as University purchasing cards or other credit cards, laptops and other computer equipment used at home, uniforms, tools, etc.

Outstanding Travel and Salary Advances

Make sure that the employee clears any outstanding travel advances prior to departure from the University.  Accounts Payable can verify if any travel advances are outstanding. Payroll can verify if any salary advances are outstanding.

Forwarding Address

Ask the employee to provide a forwarding address that will be valid after the resignation date.

5 – Notify Other Departments

Termination Checklist

Refer to the Termination Checklist to ensure that all relevant user access is cancelled.

User Accounts

Contact User Accounts to request cancellation of the employee’s NetID, e-mail, and other accounts and responsibilities (e.g., Oracle, PPP) as of the effective date of the employee’s resignation.

Request cancellation of other access (e.g., Banner, Benefactor) from the appropriate office.


Notify University Security to cancel the employee’s security access codes, if applicable, as of the effective date of the employee’s resignation.


Notify Telecommunications to cancel the employee’s Toll Authorization Number, and voicemail account, as applicable, as of the effective date of the employee’s resignation.


Advise the employee to contact Parking to cancel payroll withholding, if applicable.

6 – Retain Records

Employment Summary

Retain an employment summary record for the employee in your files.

Other Documents

Forward all other employee documents, including original letter of resignation or Notification of Voluntary Resignation, to Employee Services, 221 Whitney Avenue.

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