3503 PR.04 Staff Resignations

Revision Date: 
June 4, 2021


1.      Applicable Policies

2.      Employee’s Notice of Resignation

3.      Initiation of Termination Process

4.      Accounting for Terminal Vacation Pay

5.      Completing Tasks on Termination Checklist

6.      Record Retention

1. Applicable Policies

Resignation refers to the voluntary relinquishment of University employment by an employee, other than for retirement.

The policies governing the resignation of managerial and professional staff and of clerical and technical staff excluded from the bargaining unit are contained in the Staff Workplace Policies, Resignation.

Contractual obligations governing the resignation of clerical and technical employees included in the bargaining unit are contained in the Bargaining Agreement with Local 34.  Contractual obligations governing the resignation of service and maintenance employees are contained in the Bargaining Agreement with Local 35.

2. Employee’s Notice of Resignation

Pursuant to the Resignation section of the Staff Workplace Policies, employees are expected to notify their managers in writing of plans to resign as far in advance as possible, but at least one pay period in advance.

3. Initiation of Termination Process

As soon as the manager informs the business office of the resignation, the business office contacts the employee’s Human Resource Generalist and initiates the Workday Termination business process.  For detailed instructions on terminating an employee in the Workday system, see the Workday@Yale Training Guide Termination of Employees and Contingent Workers.

It is important for the business office to complete the Workday Termination business process promptly because it accomplishes the following:

  • informs Human Resources (“HR”) of the resignation so HR can approve the resignation terms in the Workday Termination business process;
  • cuts off payroll processing after the last paycheck;
  • ensures proper discontinuation of University paid benefits; and
  • automatically sends an email to the COBRA supplier, directing the supplier to send the official COBRA notification enrollment letter to the employee.

4. Accounting for Terminal Vacation Pay

Before Terminal Vacation Pay (“TVP”) can be paid, the following steps must be taken:

  • the manager approves the employee’s final timesheet before the payroll runs;
  • Employee Services obtains TVP hours from Workday and enters the number of hours into Workday HCM if applicable to notify the Payroll Department;
  • Payroll Department enters the TVP hours into Workday Financials (via Pay Input), if applicable, and Workday calculates the TVP; and
  • the final paycheck with TVP is processed in Workday by the Payroll Department.

Note:  If the employee delays his or her departure, the business office should promptly notify the HR Generalist of the change.

5. Completing Tasks on Termination Checklist

The department’s business office is responsible for ensuring that all of the tasks on Form 3503 FR.03 Termination Checklist are completed before the employee leaves.

6. Record Retention

Forward all employee documents, including the original letter of resignation, to the appropriate HR Generalist at 221 Whitney Avenue.  These documents will be retained as part of the employee file.