3503 PR.17 Student Employment

Revision Date: 
April 18, 2016

What This Procedure Does and Does Not Cover

This procedure deals with Yale University’s employment of:

  • Yale undergraduate students, both work-study and non-work-study students, and
  • Yale graduate and professional school students who are paid on an hourly basis.

Students at other institutions may be hired, but they are processed and paid as temporary employees (see 3503 PR.18 [1]).

This procedure does not cover graduate and professional school students who are not paid on an hourly basis.  These students should consult the following sources of information:

  • Graduate students receiving fellowships for teaching should contact the Teaching Fellow Program Office (teaching.fellows@yale.edu).
  • Graduate students receiving all other types of financial aid packages (stipend fellowships, traineeships, and research assistantships) should contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office (gradfinaid@yale.edu).
  • Professional school students receiving non-hourly payments should see Procedure 3503.25 Payment to Professional School Students. 


Adm​inistration of Student Employment

The Student Employment Office (SEO), www.yalestudentjobs.org, administers the employment of all undergraduate, graduate and professional student hourly employees at Yale.

For advice or information regarding student job categories, job descriptions, rates of pay, and other student employment issues, contact the Student Employment Office:



To ensure that Yale has a record of each of the positions a student has worked during their time at the University, Yale requires that all student jobs be posted on the SEO website. (Further advertisement of posted positions is permitted but not required.)    After obtaining the approvals required by your department, begin the SEO hiring process by going to the SEO website (www.yalestudentjobs.org) and logging into the Supervisor Control Panel.  The Supervisor Control Panel guides the supervisor through the following steps:

  • Completing the online job posting form, which includes the Job Profile and wage calculation.
  • Reviewing online applications from students.
  • Setting up interview times with potential employees using the “View Applicants” feature of the Control Panel.
  • Notifying the selected student.

Once the supervisor selects a student, the hiring department’s business office logs into the Business Office Control Panel to notify SEO of the selected student via the “Hire a Student” function of the SEO website.  SEO will send a confirmation email to the student, notifying the student of his/her selection and of the online forms that must be completed via Workday prior to starting the job.  The student completes the Federal and State W-4 forms and his/her part of the I-9 form online and then brings the required documents to an I-9 Center for completion.

Hours Limitation

Students may not work greater than 19 hours (combined for all jobs) in any week during academic terms.  Exceptions are PhD students who may not work greater than 10 hours (combined for all hourly jobs) in any week during academic terms unless they have the required permission of the director of graduate studies in consultation with the appropriate associate dean.

This hour limitation does not apply during recess and summer when school is not in session. During these periods, students should not work more than 40 hours per week.  However if a student works more than 40 hours per week, he or she must be paid time and a half for the hours worked in excess of 40.

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are based on the five official pay rates issued by the Deputy Provost for Undergraduate & Graduate Programs. The SEO job posting process helps supervisors determine the appropriate wage for a position.  A worksheet is completed that calculates the student’s wage based on the nature of the work performed. Any exceptions to the five official pay rates should be approved by the Deputy Provost for Undergraduate & Graduate Programs.

Weekly e-Timesheet

Students are required to log into the Student Control Panel on the SEO website and complete their e-Timesheet on a weekly basis.  The supervisor will be able to approve a student’s e-Timesheet once it has been submitted by going into the Supervisor’s Control Panel.  E-Timesheets must be approved by the supervisor by 5:00 pm each Monday (or if Monday is a holiday, by 5:00pm Tuesday).

Pay Schedule and Method

Student hourly employees are paid by one of the following methods:

  1. Direct Deposit:
  • The student may enroll in Direct Deposit via Workday. Direct deposit of weekly wages is made into the student’s account each Thursday. Payslips are available in Workday for all direct deposit participants.
  1. Paycheck:
  • Paychecks are issued in the absence of an active direct deposit enrollment.

Where and when the paycheck is issued is as follows:

For graduate students on a stipend also doing hourly work (Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship, etc):

  • Hourly wage and stipend will be paid jointly in the same check.
  • Paychecks are issued semi-monthly.
  • Hourly wages may be a week behind at each paycheck due to Payroll entry deadlines (refer to the Payroll Schedule [6] for cutoff dates).
  • Hours entered after the cutoff will be paid in the subsequent semi-monthly check.
  • Paychecks will go the department where the employee is a student, not where they work.

For graduate students doing only hourly work:

  • Students pick up their paychecks at the Student Employment Office, 246 Church Street, room B01.

For undergraduate students:

  • Students pick up their paychecks at the Student Employment Office at 246 Church Street, room B01.



When the student is hired, a start and end date is entered on the hire record.  eTimesheets are created for the employment period on the hire record. No further actions are required to end the student’s employment.


Employment and payroll information is confidential, and as such should be provided on a need-to-know basis only.

Everyone who has responsibility for any aspect of the employment and payroll function must handle and store all documents and electronic records related to employment and payroll in a manner consistent with their confidentiality.

Required Records

If a department is not utilizing the e-Timesheet system, they are required to retain original employee timesheets for seven (7) years, or longer if departmental needs require.  In cooperation with independent auditors, the Student Employment Office conducts an annual audit of timesheets. Departments are required to provide copies of all timesheets requested by SEO in this process.

Roles and Responsibilities

The process of hiring and paying a student employee involves the following roles and responsibilities:



Position supervisor

  • Posts student job online with the Student Employment Office.
  • Interviews and selects student employee.
  • Reviews and approves timesheets.

Hiring Department’s Business Office

  • Approves hiring of student employee and submits online hiring notification to SEO.
  • Updates information in the student record (PTAEO charging instructions, end dates, hourly rates, etc) in the SEO website.

Student Employment Office (SEO)

  • Reviews online job postings and ensures wage worksheet calculations are done according to the rates established and communicated annually by the Deputy Provost for Undergraduate & Graduate Programs.
  • Notifies hiring department of approved hourly rate via e-mail.
  • Reviews pending hire requests for accuracy.
  • Notifies hiring department and student when hire is completed.
  • Informs student about the online forms that must be completed. 
  • Completes the employer’s part of the I-9 form.
  • Manages the data within the student employment system.
  • Acts as a Student Employee Service Center for all student employment questions.


  • Completes required tax withholding documents within Workday.
  • Completes employee portion of I-9 and submits to SEO, which is an I-9 Center (if required).
  • Submits completed weekly timesheet to supervisor.