4209 PR.05 Capital Equipment Under Departing Principal Investigator (PI) Jurisdiction

Revision Date: 
June 2, 2017


1.      Overview

2.      Definitions

3.      Procedure

4.      Roles & Responsibilities

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the accuracy of the University’s Moveable Equipment Inventory (MEI) and the proper safeguarding of the University’s equipment.

Equipment – Equipment is tangible, non-expendable, University property that has an estimated useful life of greater than one year and a per unit acquisition cost equal to or greater than the University’s capitalization threshold.  Final determination as to whether equipment meets the criteria for capitalization will be made by the Controller’s Office.

Jurisdiction / Issued To – The name of the University employee the equipment is assigned to.  In most cases, it is the person who purchased the equipment.

Effective July 1, 2014 the Controller’s Office has determined, to ensure the accuracy of the assignment of principal investigators in the Moveable Equipment Inventory (MEI) System and to ensure that the release or transfer of equipment to a departing principal investigator is properly recorded in the MEI System, a review of all capital assets under the jurisdiction of the departing PI must be performed.  Such review includes the following:

  • A listing of all equipment purchased under the jurisdiction of the departing PI must be prepared by the departing PI’s home department;
  • For sponsor-funded equipment, determination of award status (active/closed) must be reviewed by the department;
  • Working with the Controller’s Office, all required approvals in accordance with sponsor and University policies shall be obtained before the release of equipment from the University (see Form 4209 FR.05 Capital Equipment Transfer Release Form);
  • Working with the Controller’s Office, all equipment listed under the jurisdiction of a departing PI that will remain at the University will be assigned a new jurisdiction once the PI has been released.  The Department Administrator will determine the new jurisdiction; and
  • All equipment approved for relinquishment to the new institution shall be disposed of in the MEI database using the “PI Released” disposition code.

Schools/Departments - Ascertains that the purchase, sale, transfer or release of equipment is satisfactory to the school or department.  Responsible for compliance with all sponsor and University policy and procedures for the disposition of capital assets.  Reports all changes in status to the Office of the Controller.

1.   Each department of the University should maintain an accurate inventory of its equipment.  In addition, federal regulations require that a complete equipment inventory survey be taken every two years.

2.   Departments are responsible for making necessary status changes to the MEI System directly.  Departments may forward questions of compliance concerning the MEI to the Office of the Controller at mei.admin@yale.edu.

Office of Sponsored Projects- The Office of Sponsored Projects is responsible for determining the rights of any sponsor and that there are no limitations upon the University’s right to dispose of the equipment.  They are responsible for executing the instrument of transfer of title (not involving a sale) of equipment to other institutions.

Office of the Controller - The Office of the Controller is responsible for maintaining an accurate Moveable Equipment Inventory (MEI), which lists all equipment by department.  It is also responsible for the completion of a biennial physical inventory of all MEI.

Procurement - Purchasing Services is responsible for all aspects of an actual sale of a piece of equipment, including negotiation of price.

Provost Office and Department Chairperson - Approve the sale or transfer of equipment to other institutions or third parties.