9000 PR.01 General Procedures Supporting the Yale University Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

Revision Date: 
August 1, 2021


1.      Overview

2.      Reports, Concerns, and Complaints

3.      Initial Discussion

4.      Resources and Informal Resolution

5.      Investigations

1. Overview

The Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility (“OIEA”) is responsible for ensuring Yale’s commitment to equitable and inclusive working and learning environments.  This includes administering Policy 9000 Yale University Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment.  Individuals who would like to discuss any concerns regarding Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation are encouraged to contact a Discrimination and Harassment Resource Coordinator or OIEA as soon as possible following an incident.

2. Reports, Concerns, and Complaints

As set forth in Policy 9000 Yale University Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment, Yale prohibits Discrimination and Harassment on the basis of protected characteristics.

Anyone with a concern regarding Discrimination or Harassment may contact OIEA.  In the alternative, they may also utilize the OIEA Reporting Form.  OIEA staff will discuss the individual’s concern and provide information regarding resources and options for resolution.

3. Initial Discussion

OIEA will generally begin with a discussion with the individual bringing forward a concern.  This discussion will assist both OIEA and the individual in determining the appropriate University resources and options for resolution.

4. Resources and Informal Resolution

OIEA staff may assist with providing supportive resources to individuals with concerns.  This may include assisting with the resolution of concerns without the need for an investigation.

5. Investigations

In some cases, further investigation of concerns is warranted.  OIEA first considers whether the matter falls within OIEA’s jurisdiction (i.e., whether the concern is related to Discrimination or Harassment based on a protected characteristic, or related Retaliation).  If not, OIEA will provide the individual(s) bringing forward concern(s) with available resources, but will not investigate the matter further.  OIEA may, however, in its discretion, refer the report to appropriate University offices for further review.1

If OIEA determines that the facts as presented could constitute a violation of Policy 9000 Yale University Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment and the matter is unable otherwise to be resolved, OIEA may proceed to conduct an investigation.  OIEA will determine appropriate investigative steps, which may include interviewing parties and/or witnesses and obtaining and reviewing relevant documents or other materials.

Following an investigation, OIEA will discuss its findings and recommendations with the parties and other appropriate individuals and offices.  Actions taken after an investigation may include, but are not limited to, providing resources and accommodations to impacted parties, implementing various remedial measures, such as training, facilitated dialogue and communication between impacted parties, and referral for possible additional investigation or discipline.  For faculty, discipline would proceed through the Faculty Standards of Conduct Procedures; for staff, disciplinary matters would proceed through Human Resources; and for students, discipline would proceed through the relevant school student disciplinary procedure.


1 Yale University maintains separate policies and procedures related to sexual Harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct.  Refer to the Yale Sexual Misconduct Policies and Related Definitions.