Rotarod Testing

Revision Date: 
February 9, 2022
Responsible Office: 
Animal Research

Rotarod Testing of Rodents

The rotarod test is a widely used model for rodents to assess coordination, motor learning and motor function. 

Consideration of Alternatives 

An animal performing a rotarod test is not considered a painful or distressful procedure.

Procedure Preparation

1. As per Yale IACUC Policy Transportation of Animals (Intra), animals are transported to the room where the assessment will be performed.
2.The workspace will be organized with all tools needed to minimize manipulation of the animal.


3. The rodent will be placed on the rotarod. It is recommended that the apparatus be suspended above padding in an enclosed space (e.g., cage or other sanitizable container).
4. The rotarod will accelerate slowly up to a specified rpm and not exceeding 40 rpm.  
5. Animals are monitored and the length of time the animal stays on the rotarod will be recorded.
6. Apparatus must be cleaned between animals and sanitized at the end of a test day as per the Sanitation Mehtods for Hand-washing Equipment instructions.

Post-Procedure Monitoring and Care

7. Animal is returned to home cage upon completion of the test.