Sponsored Projects Administration

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Policy Consulting and Patent Policy  
Guide Guidance on Authorship in Scholarly or Scientific Publications  
Policy 1301 Sponsored Projects Financial Reporting and Financial Closeout
Guide 1301 GD.02 Financial Reporting and Closeout  
Procedure 1301 PR.04 Applying Facilities and Administrative Rate to Genomic Array Purchases  
Procedure 1301 PR.05 Residual Balance Fund Transfers  
Guide 1304 GD.01 At Risk Accounts  
Guide 1304 GD.02 Cost Allocation Methodologies  
Procedure 1304 PR.01 Requesting and Modifying Sponsored Project Accounts  
Procedure 1304 PR.02 Distinguishing Between Gifts and Sponsored Awards  
Policy 1305 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects  
Guide 1305 GD.07 Determining Allowability, Reasonableness, and Allocability of Costs for Sponsored Projects  
Procedure 1305 PR.02 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects  
Procedure 1305 PR.04 Unallowable Costs  
Procedure 1305 PR.05 Reclassification and Transfer of Funds  
Procedure 1305 PR.06 Reclassification and Transfer of Funds - CENTRAL  
Policy 1306 Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects  
Procedure 1306 PR.01 Cost Sharing  
Policy 1307 Subrecipient Monitoring  
Procedure 1307 PR.01 Monitoring Subrecipient Activity Associated with Sponsored Programs  
Policy 1308 Program Income Associated with Sponsored Projects  
Policy 1310 Principal Investigator Eligibility Requirements on Sponsored Projects  
Policy 1311 Institutional Base Salary for Sponsored Projects
Policy 1315 Effort Reporting: Certifying Effort on Sponsored Projects  
Procedure 1315 PR.03 Salaries Above a Sponsor Imposed Rate Cap  
Procedure 1315 PR.04 Effort Reporting  
Policy 1316 Effort Commitment: Managing Effort Associated with Sponsored Projects  
Guide 1316 GD.01 Effort Percent/Calendar Month Conversion Tables  
Policy 1403 Charging of Administrative and Clerical Salaries and Certain Other Expenses to Federal Funds  
Policy 1405 Charging of Facilities and Administrative Type Expenses to Non-Federal Sponsored Projects  
Procedure 1410 PR.01 Internal Service Providers: Registration and Annual Renewal  
Procedure 1410 PR.02 Internal Service Providers: Rate Calculations  
Procedure 1410 PR.03 Internal Service Providers: Accounting and Billing  
Guide 1411 GD.01 VA Memorandum of Understanding Requirements  
Policy 1415 Allocating the Cost of University Services  
Procedure 1415 PR.01 Allocating the Cost of University Services  
Guide 2801 GD.01 Deposits of Sponsored Project Payments  


type name  
Form 1301 FR.01 Request to Transfer Residual Balance from Sponsored Awards  
Form 1304 FR.01 At-Risk Account Request  
Form 1304 FR.03 Transmittal Summary (Tran Sum) Form  
Form 1304 FR.03 App A Subrecipient Information and Compliance Form  
Form 1304 FR.03 App B-E Transmittal Summary (Tran Sum) Attachments  
Form 1304 FR.06 Responsible Personnel Change Form  
Form 1304 FR.09 Cost Allocation Methodology  
Form 1305 FR.15 Manual Journal-Cost Transfer Justification  
Form 1305 FR.17 GSPS Cost Transfer   
Form 1306 FR.01 Cost Sharing Approval Request  
Form 1310 FR.04 PI Status Request Form  
Form 1310 FR.05 Delegation of Initiator Authority for Sponsored Projects  
Form 1315 FR.01 Effort Report  
Form 1315 FR.02 Effort Reporting System Access Request  
Form 1403 FR.02 Justification to Direct Charge F&A Type Costs to a Federal Award  
Form 1411 FR.01 Memorandum of Understanding  
Form 4209 FR.02 MEI Change in Status