Technology and Security Policies

type name
Policy Information Access and Security
Guide 1601 GD.02 Guidelines for Oracle Applications Access Approver
Guide 1601 GD.05 Effective Practices for Monitoring Security and Access
Procedure 1601 PR.01 Access to Oracle Financial and Human Resources Applications
Procedure 1601 PR.02 NetIDs and Identity Management
Procedure 1601 PR.03 Access Control for Protected Health Information (PHI)
Procedure 1601 PR.04 VPN Eligibility & Access Procedure
Procedure 1601 PR.06 Bypassing Oracle Applications and Financial Planning Training
Procedure 1601 PR.07 Identity Data Access Requests
Procedure 1601 PR.08 Sponsored Identity Access
Policy 1602 Protecting the Security and Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
Policy 1603 Red Flags Policy
Policy 1607 Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy
Procedure 1607 PR.01 Endorsed Encryption Implementation Procedure
Policy 1609 Media Control
Procedure 1609 PR.01 Disposal of Media Containing Confidential or Protected Health Information
Policy 1610 Systems and Network Security
Guide 1610 GD.01 Selecting Good Passwords
Procedure 1610 PR.01 Systems and Network Security
Procedure 1610 PR.02 Disposal of Obsolete Computers and Peripherals
Procedure 1610 PR.03 Network Configuration Security
Policy 1611 Program for the Security of Customer Financial and Related Data
Policy 1612 Software Licensing


type name
Form Computing Request Forms
Form 1601 FR.01 VPN Access Exception Request
Form 3501 FR.18 Promotion and Transfer Check-List
Form 3501 FR.31 Termination and Transfer Checklist