Recognizing your staff

Inspire your team to go above and beyond

A Gallup poll found that only 16% of employees are truly engaged at work. But, according to Aon Hewitt, employee engagement increases 20% when managers recognize their employees weekly instead of monthly, and increases by another 35% when recognition occurs daily.

An employee’s relationship with their direct supervisor is a top driver of employee engagement. As a Yale manager, you stand at the frontline of the university’s recognition efforts to promote engagement. The following resources are available to assist you in your recognition efforts.

Pictured above: Yale’s Medical Library Holly Grossetta Nardini and Lei Wang, with their supervisor Jan Glover at the 2016 Linda Lorimer Award ceremony at 43 Hillhouse Avenue.

The power of recognition

When your staff members are engaged, they perform at higher levels. They also strive to go above and beyond, and are more inclined to focus on intrinsic factors such as personal growth and long-term goals. Staff members who are engaged also feel strong emotional bonds to the organization and are more likely to recommend the organization to others.  Read more.

Yale’s staff recognition programs

The university appreciates the commitment and contributions of Yale’s staff members to the success of its ambitious academic and societal mission. In response, Yale offers several programs, awards, and events to recognize its talented and devoted employees.

What you can do as a supervisor

While institutional recognition is important, as a supervisor, there is a great deal you can also do to engage and recognize your staff members. Read more.