There are several things to consider prior to protocol submission to allow for a more efficient review.


The Public Health Service (PHS) Policy states that the awardee must verify that the IACUC reviewed and approved those components of the grant/contract proposal related to the care and use of animals. The Office of Animal Research Support (OARS) OARS reviews funded awards and associated IACUC protocols to ensure congruency. For more information on how the Division of Research Congruency (DoRC) preforms this review please visit the DoRC page.

Vertebrate Animal Section (VAS)

There are certain criteria that must be included in VAS section of several types of proposals and agreements. For more detailed information about when these criteria are required and what should be included, please review the NIH checklist.

Alternative Searches

Federal regulations require researchers to always consider using less invasive procedures. By performing alternative searches, investigators can satisfy this requirement. There are several tips and tools provided by our office and other services on campus to assist researches with this task. For additional content on this topic, continue to the Alternative Search Guidelines.