Animal Research Training

Animal Care and Use Training Program

The Yale University Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires that personnel training be predicated on the species used and cared for and the nature of the research, teaching, testing, or other activities (Guide p. 15). The training program includes required online didactic and hands-on/instructor-led courses, based on the activities the individual will perform, all of which must be completed prior to working with those species or performing those procedures independently.

Individuals can refer to the Animal Care and Use Training Program policy for more details.

What’s new about the training program?

Competency Concept

In order to meet the expectations of federal mandate and the University, the research training program has been designed in tiered “levels,” with training requirements pertaining to the species of animals used and the research procedures performed on those animals. Training requirements begin with general courses for all members of the animal research community, then become organized within species “tracks” with each level of each track including more complex activities which require increased “competency.”

Reducing Burden

All training is required to be completed once, unless an interval for retaking the training course is otherwise noted. Training may need to be updated if regulations or official guidance change significantly. Also, retraining or additional requirements may be assigned to address adverse events or non-compliance.

Getting Started