Reporting Research Concerns

The HRPP is concerned about the safety, rights and welfare of all individuals participating in research projects at Yale and its affiliated sites. Concerns and complaints are taken very seriously and are treated with the utmost respect and all possible confidentiality. To resolve minor research concerns or complaints or if you have a question about your participation in a research study, you may prefer to speak directly with the study investigators and/or their research staff. If you are a study participant, most research studies have a consent form or information sheet that is given to you when you are considering whether you wish to participate in the study. The consent form or information sheet will include a section that will explain how you can contact the study investigator directly.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, are unable to receive a response after an appropriate amount of time or have a concern about your participation that you do not wish to discuss with the PI or study team member, you can contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the number below.

Current, former, or prospective research participants may contact the Yale IRB to:

  • Discuss problems, concerns, or questions related to research at Yale
  • Obtain additional information related to research at Yale
  • Offer input or other feedback related to research at Yale

If you have a research-related concern, questions, or complaint that we may be able to help resolve please contact our office as soon as you can. Please try to have your consent form or study information available as we will ask you to provide information to help us identify the study.

Phone: (203) 785-4688