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May 25, 2023

Effective May 25, 2023, the “Supplement Safety during Pandemic” form will no longer be required as part of the IRB application for research being conducted within the United States. The Supplement remains a requirement for studies conducted outside the United States, except for studies limited to secondary data analysis or research that does not involve in-person interaction (for example, online surveys).

IRB guidance and IRB requirements have been updated accordingly and the revised Supplement is now available to investigators via the Other Forms tab in the IRES IRB Library and the Other Forms and Templates webpage on the Yale HRPP website.

February 7, 2023

New Yale HRPP Policy and Standard Operating Procedure Manual, Investigator Manual, and Additional Documents

The Yale Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is excited to announce the launch of the new Yale HRPP Policy and Standard Operating Procedure Manual, with an effective date of January 30, 2023. This purpose of this manual is to consolidate existing standalone Yale HRPP policies, procedures, and select guidance documents into one streamlined manual. The manual also includes new topics related to human subjects research conduct and oversight, reflecting the most up-to-date regulatory information. We are confident our Yale research community will find this new manual both valuable and easy to navigate.

The Yale HRPP has also updated: 1) the HRPP Investigator Manual, which provides detailed information on research preparation, IRB submission, and study team responsibilities, and 2) checklists, worksheets, submission forms, and templates that aid in successful application submission to the Yale IRB.

Training sessions on these updated documents were provided to the Yale research community throughout January 2023. Please review the session slides and a high-level summary document that outlines the purpose and major points pertaining to each new/updated document below. All referenced documents can be found on the Yale HRPP website. For any questions, please contact

New Yale HRPP/IRB Manuals & Related Documents
Summary of Yale HRPP Document Changes
Recording: Yale Research Community Training January 2023