Yale IRB - Yale University Institutional Review Board

Yale IRB Submission Deadlines

After a study is submitted to the HRPP for IRB review, the HRPP Pre-review team will conduct a review to determine if the submission is complete. Review by the HRPP Pre-Review Team typically takes 2 business days, but sometimes takes longer depending on the type of study.

What Happens During Pre-Review

When a study is submitted in IRES IRB for IRB review, the study is reviewed to ensure that the submission materials are complete and that certain institutional requirements (contract, budget, etc.) and ancillary committee approvals are in place (PRC, PPRC, etc.). This typically takes 2 business days, but can take longer under certain circumstances. For example, if you submit a study in IRES IRB, but the submission is deemed incomplete, it will be returned to you within 2 business days. Similarly, if your study requires approval by the Pediatric Protocol Review Committee (PPRC), it will not be forwarded to the IRB until after the PPRC approval is received in IRES IRB.

Once the review is complete by the HRPP Pre-Review Team, the study is forwarded to the designated Yale IRB staff and scheduled to the next available Yale IRB meeting based on when the agenda closes.

The IRB meeting Agenda closes every Tuesday at 05:00 pm and studies are reviewed either 1 business week or 2 business weeks later (on a TU, WE, TH, or for one Oncology meeting per month on a FR morning) based on the following, unless the IRB chair determines that there are substantive issues with the approvability of the study that would require deferral:

  • 1 business week later for Industry and other externally funded/authored research for initial submissions of research; modifications to approved research; continuing reviews of previously approved research
  • 1 business week later for Investigator-initiated initial submissions of oncology research
  • 2 business weeks later for Investigator-initiated initial submissions of non-oncology research

The Yale IRB panels below convene monthly and/or as needed depending on the panel:

  • IRB 0: Ad-hoc panel for emergency submissions, including COVID-19 studies
  • IRB A: Commonly known as Human Subjects Committee for social, behavioral and educational research)
  • IRB C: Compliance panel
  • IRB D: Cutting Edge, and Emerging Research
  • IRB E: sIRB
  • IRB F: VA Studies

Studies Reviewed by an External IRB

In addition to the above Yale IRB panels, research can also be sent to an external IRB for review. For more information, see the external IRBs page and external IRB procedures found in the HRPP Investigator Manual.