Human Research Training

Initial Training Requirements

Initial training requirement can be met by completing one of the following options:

  • Yale web-based training program
  • CITI basic training, available through the Yale training and certification website
  • Complete the NIH Protecting Human Research Participants training program (the certificate of completion of this training must be provided to the IRB Office for manual entry into the system);
  • Completion of training from some other training provider, i.e., another University’s training program, DHHS or the FDA. Documentation of completion along with the detailed description of the training must be provided to the IRB office for verification and manual entry into the system.

Continuing Education

The continuing education requirement can be met by attending any Human Research Protection Program educational session, or by completing any one of the Yale human research modules, or any one of the CITI continuing education modules available through the training and certification website.

HIPAA Training

Investigators engaged in human subject research conducted at HIPAA covered entities that involves collection or interaction with PHI, must also complete HIPAA training. HIPAA training modules.