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The goal of the Yale Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is to assist the University in meeting its ethical and regulatory obligations for the protection of human participants in research. In addition to providing educational support to principal investigators and their research staff, the Yale HRPP provides administrative and regulatory support to 6 Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) for biomedical research known as Human Investigation Committees (IRB I, IRB 2, IRB 3, IRB 4, IRB B-1 Oncology, IRB B-3 Oncology,) and one IRB for social, behavioral and educational research known as IRB A, Human Subjects Committee (HSC). In addition, IRB 0 is an Ad Hoc panel that reviews all types of research and can meet on demand, IRB C reviews Compliance and Complex Issues, and IRB D reviews Repository protocols.

The HRPP works closely with other institutions and independent IRBs to provide local context for studies that are reviewed by external IRBs. The HRPP is responsible for ensuring that the Yale researchers are compliant with Yale requirements regarding human subjects research before any IRB approves the research and before the research can commence.

The HRPP also assists the Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC), Radioactive Investigational Drug Committee (RIDC), and Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (ESCRO).