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IRES IRB is Yale University’s electronic submission and review system for human subjects research studies. You will need Yale netID and password to log into the system. Use VPN in order to access the system from off-campus locations. 

IRES IRB Training Options

  • Registration for live training sessions is available here.
  • Once logged in to IRES IRB, visit Help Center on the left hand side for quick guides and submission manuals.
  • The PowerPoint presentation used for the IRES IRB training are available here.

What you may want to know after the IRES IRB roll-out

Q: Why can’t I see my approved protocol?

A: Only active non-exempt studies under Yale IRB purview were converted to IRES IRB at the time of the roll-out and only IF there was no action pending on the study. For example, if you submitted an amendment to the protocol that has not been approved by the time of the conversion, the protocol record would not move over to the new system until after the IRB has completed the action on the protocol. The conversion on such a protocol should occur approximately a week after the completed action.

Q: Can I continue submitting studies to the IRB using email or Coeus?

A: No. All submissions to the IRB must be completed in IRES IRB. The only time when email/Coeus submissions will be accepted is when you submit a requested response to the IRB on actions that were originally submitted through email or Coeus. Once the response is approved, the study will be queued for transition to IRES IRB.

Q: Why are there no approved documents uploaded in the protocol that was converted to IRES IRB?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to move over the approved documents. The first time you submit an action on a converted protocol, you will have to update the missing data in the study records and upload the WORD versions of currently approved documents. Step-by-step instructions are available here.

Q: I need to submit a change to a study that was deemed exempt but it was not converted to IRES IRB. How should I proceed?

A: We will no longer use Coeus for processing of research studies. As such, we encourage you to submit your revised protocol through IRES IRB for a new determination. Please indicate in the description that the study was previously deemed exempt, include the original IRB number, and use track changes to indicate the revisions. You can use previously completed forms.

Q: Can I have my research coordinator learn the system and submit on my behalf?

A: Yes. Your research coordinator would need to be identified as a PI Proxy on the protocol. Only the PI or PI Proxy can submit research protocols to the IRB. In order for an individual to be assigned a PI Proxy role, you (as the PI) will have to log into the system and assign the PI Proxy. Please refer to a quick guide in the Help Center section of IRES IRB for step-by-step instructions.