IRB Rosters

IRB Panel Name Yale Common Name IRB Panel Type OHRP Registration Effective Date Of Most Recent Roster Chairs/Vice Chairs Lead Regulatory Analyst Time/Week Week
IRB 0 - Ad Hoc IRB 0 - Ad Hoc Biomedical (All Specialties) Non Biomedical IRB00011725 09/1/2019 Madelon Baranoski, Sam Abdelghany Cheryl Danton On Demand On Demand
IRB 1 HIC 1 Biomedical IRB00011455 09/1/2019 Madelon Baranoski, Steve Latham Theresa Katz 3:00 PM 1st/WE
IRB 2 HIC 2 Biomedical IRB00000730 10/24/2019 Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, Ed Monico Stacey Scirocco 5:00 PM 2nd/WE
IRB 3 HIC 3 Biomedical IRB00006865 10/24/2019 Madelon Baranoski, Sam Abdelghany Dianna Mercier 3:00 PM 3rd/WE
IRB 4 HIC 4 Biomedical IRB00000596 10/24/2019 Edward Monico, Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin Sharishma Pinnamaraju 5:00 PM 4th/WE
IRB A HSC Non-Biomedical(Social, Behavioral, and Education) IRB00000594 09/1/2019 Steve Latham,  Madelon Baranoski Cheryl Danton Monthly  
IRB B-1 HIC B-1 Oncology IRB00000595 10/24/2019 Natalia Neparidze, Madelon Baranoski Griselle Gandulla 5:00 PM 1st/WE
IRB B-3 HIC B-3 Oncology IRB00011728 12/3/2019 Sam Abdelghany, Madelon Baranoski Theresa Katz 7:30 AM 3rd/FR
IRB C Compliance & Complex Issues Biomedical (All Specialties) Non Biomedical IRB00011726 09/1/2019 Madelon Baranoski, Patty Blount Cheryl Danton Monthly/On Demand  
IRB D Repository Biomedical (All Specialties) Non Biomedical IRB00011727 09/1/2019 Madelon Baranoski, Patty Blount Cneryl Danton Monthly/On Demand  

Unless specifically designated as a chair or vice-chair, each IRB Chair and IRB Vice-Chair serves as an alternate vice-chair on all Yale IRB panels. Jeanne Breen, MD, serves as an alternate vice-chair on all IRB panels.